Becoming pregnant can be a challenge for some couples.

At Fertile Health our aim is YOUR optimal health.

With over 15 years experience Fertile Health provides professional and compassionate care in a private setting. Naturopathy treats the whole individual and looks at any underlying conditions that may be causing ill health.

Tanya aims to restore your balance by using herbal medicine homoeopathy, nutritional supplements and lifestyle advice. Each programme developed is tailored to your unique requirements.

At fertile health fertility is more than just trying to get pregnant. Fertility extends to great hormonal health, which is important for every woman at any stage of their lives, from puberty through to menopause. A fertile body is one which is functioning at an optimal peak.

We can all benefit from having a fertile life.

Pregnancy & Fertility Programmes

Customised to your needs

With our preconception and fertility programme your chances of having a healthy baby will be greatly increased.

A study conducted by the foresight foundation has shown that a preconception program can greatly increase your chances of becoming pregnant. Because healthy eggs and sperm take around three months to develop, our program ideally takes 3 – 4 months. We can support you at any stage of your journey, but undergoing a full preconception program will ensure you have all the right building blocks in place.

Fertile Health Fact

Did you know?

Insufficient iodine whilst pregnant has been linked to a lower IQ of your baby